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The Juab County Recorders/ Surveyor’s Office is the custodian of all land ownership records and survey filings, corner restoration tie sheets, and other survey data in Juab County.   It is guided in its duties by state law (UCA 17).    The duties, responsibilities and main functions of the County Recorder/Surveyor are to receive, index, code, and store information in such a manner as to make it available to the public as soon as possible.  Most documents are returned in 7 to 10 business days after recording.

Functions of The Recorder’s Office

The operations of the County Recorder are all specified by and required by state law.  The Recorder is elected to a four-year term.  He/She records documents and maps and also maintains cross-reference indexes to these records.  The office provides for the subsequent retrieval of records for public viewing and produces copies and certifications of the records.  A set of maps or “plats” are kept up to date which show the current ownership of every tract of land in the county.  The ownership of real property is responsible for taxes assessed.  The Assessor bases his work upon the information turned over to that office by the Recorder.  In turn the Treasurer collects taxes that are assessed.  Therefore it is the responsibility of the Recorder to ensure that the records accurately reflect the status of each parcel in the county.

Duties of the County Recorder

The Recorder Does:

  • Record, index and store land documents for public retrieval. 
  • Assist the public in locating real property parcels on ownership plat maps.
  • Assist the public in locating indexes for searching.
  • Record Military Discharges and provide certified copies of these documents at no charge.
  • Sell copies of documents and plat maps to the public
  • Provide certified copies of documents for a fee.  These may be recorded in the office of any other county recorder in the state. (Utah code 17-21-4, 57-3-4)

The Recorder Does Not:

  • Prepare legal documents.
  • Notarize documents.
  • Interpret legal documents.
  • Provide engineering services for the public.
  • Give legal advice.
  • Perform searches for the public.
  • Furnish legal descriptions over the telephone.
  • Do research over the telephone.

Items required on a document in order to be accepted for recording:

  • Document must have a title at the top.
  • There should be adequate room on the top margin, right hand side, to affix recording data.  Utah Code 17-21-20(3).
  • If the document affects real property, it must have a complete legal description and Parcel Number of the property on the document.  (an address is not sufficient for a legal description, this includes UCC forms).   Except monetary Judgments and non-specific Power of Attorney’s.
  • The document must be an original document with original signatures.
  • Death Certificates must be originals.
  • All names must be typed or printed legibly that are to be indexed.
  • Signatures must be acknowledged.
  • Documents must be legible and of adequate quality for microfilming and scanning.
  • Documents cannot be larger than 8 ½” by 14 “ unless it is a subdivision or annexation plat map.  
  • Must have mailing address for tax notice to be sent to.  A PO Box is required for cities that do not have street delivery.  Namely, Eureka, Mona, Levan, Rocky Ridge & Callao/Trout Creek area.  
  • Fees must accompany the document.   If you are not sure of proper fees required, you may send us a “not to exceed check” and we will fill in proper fees.  If proper fees are not enclosed (too little or too much) we will return documents unrecorded.  A fee will be charged for any document returned this way.  Minimum of $2.00.

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